Here Are A Few Places To Add To Your Travel Bucket List

It is time to explore every inch of this globe and here are some places to consider.

Hallstatt Photographer: Pixabay/Walkerssk


This picturesque village is located in Austria. With 16th century houses, cobbled paths and a cute square; you will feel like you’re in a fairytale.

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Interlaken Photographer: Pixabay/O12


Switzerland is a beautiful country, with many different towns to visit.

Interlaken is one of them and is ideal for someone who enjoys hiking and skiing.

Just imagine yourself waking up to the view of alpine meadows and glaciers, an endless forest, mountains and a large valley with turquoise water.

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Helsinki Photographer: Pixabay/Indineo


Finland is known for many things; lapland, the cold weather and plenty of nature.

Helsinki is also known for its lavish restaurants, rooftop indoor pools, historic monuments and old bakeries with alot of pastries that consists of cinnamon and blueberries.

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Geiranger Photographer: Pixabay/Jetiveri


Norway is known for its greenery, which is why it’s no surprise that Geiranger is a village with hidden beauty.

With emerald water streaming through the valley, steep mountain roads and natural waterfalls; it is paradise for someone who enjoys the outdoors.

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4 thoughts on “Here Are A Few Places To Add To Your Travel Bucket List

  1. I am glad that you loved this. Well, there is also unknown Helsinki. The biggest island of Helsinki is unknown to visitors. Generally speaking, visitors are interested in few places in the center and they never want to visit the nature, where they could walk on small paths in peace admiring flowers, rocks, searching ghost houses.

    My posts show about what I am talking:

    Unknown Helsinki 1

    Unknown Helsinki 2

    Unknown Helsinki 3

    Farewell Unknown Helsinki

    Search for ghost houses

    Have a wonderful day!

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