4 Long Haul Trips Worth Booking

Travelling can be tiring, but once you reach the destination it’s worth it.

Here’s 4 long haul trips worth booking.

Seoul South Korea Photographer: Pixabay/8minwoo

Seoul, South Korea

When visiting the capital of South Korea, it is as if you have stepped into another world.

With high tech public transport, tall skyscrapers, vibrant colours and a touch of history with Buddhist temples; you have the best of both worlds.

Enjoy some Korean fried chicken, Bibimbap and Hoddeok as well as Korean street food in the back streets of Seoul.

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Boracay Philipines Photographer: Pixabay/travelphotographer

Boracay, Philippines

If you’re looking for tranquillity and a getaway from your everyday life, then Boracay is calling your name.

With white, sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and a picturesque landscape; it is a one way ticket to paradise.

In the day you can enjoy the tropical weather and in the evening you can carry on with the lively night life this small island has to offer.

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Matamata New Zealand Photographer: Pixabay/StockSnap

Matamata, New Zealand

If you’re a fan of The Lord of The Rings, then this is the ideal destination for you.

This small town is located just over the mountains of Kaimai Range Mountains.

You are surrounded by nothing but greenery and cute houses built within the hills, which have become iconic for fans of the film.

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Havana Cuba Photographer: Pixabay/Falkenpost

Havana, Cuba

Cigars, classic cars, colourful buildings, hot weather and live music; this is what you can enjoy and see when visiting Cuba.

Enjoy some Cuban rum as you dance the night away and feast on some traditional delicious food, such as Criollo.

Havana also has history that you can discover for those who are explorers.

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