Hot destination pick: Aegina

Port in Aegina. Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Greek islands are known to be beautiful. There are so many that needs to be explored and Aegina is one of them. The island is small and is only 50 minutes away from Athens by ferry. Aegina is filled with culture and friendly hospitality.

Start your day on the beach by the port, as you soak up the Mediterranean sun and dip your feet in the cool, crystal clear water. You will surely discover hidden gems in their small alleyways; from restaurants that serve fresh seafood, to cute little shops and pastel coloured buildings. Cycle around like the locals. If you cycle, you will certainly witness incredible views as opposite the island are other little islands clustered together and people fishing by the port. Not only do they move about with bikes, but they also travel with horses and carriages. Aegina is covered in greenery, which makes all other bright coloured surroundings stand out.

Make sure you taste their frozen Greek yoghurt covered in fresh watermelon and bitter sweet dark chocolate. You will fall in love with every spoonful. The sunset is phenomenal and cannot be missed. The sky is camouflaged in the colours pink and orange and  the sun sets behind the clustered Greek islands. The waves are calm and peaceful and the colour of the sea becomes dark blue.

Aegina is a magical place that will make you feel relaxed and welcomed. The island is great for a day out, as it is packed with outdoor activities and tranquil surroundings.

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