Where to go in London

View from Millennium bridge Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

London; a place that can never be boring; it is a city that is never-ending and full of life. From the bustling streets with the infamous black mini cabs, to the small alleyways with cultural markets, London is a place that will forever be a fascination.

There is always something to do in London, which is why every day is a new discovery. Why not be adventurous? Pick a train route and get off a stop that sounds interesting to you. Ever sat there on the tube and wondered what a certain stop would look like? Why not kill your curiosity and explore it for once. Be a tourist for the day and re-awake for your love for London.

Start with the stop St.Paul’s on the central line.  The first thing you will see when coming out of the station is the beautiful cathedral.  As you stand on the ancient grounds, you will feel tiny compared to the huge dome. During Christmas, there are carolers who line up outside the cathedral and march down to a square where a crowd gathers round and enjoy the sweet sounds.  Take a stroll on the millennium bridge, which is only five minutes away from the cathedral. The bridge is modern and a great spot to watch the sunset.The sky is camouflaged in the colours blue and orange, there are zig zag cloud lines in the sky and sun sets down on the buildings opposite. In the evening, bright and colourful lights surround the bridge.

Take the next stop to Tottenham Court Road. The streets are constantly busy with alley ways that can lead you to cool places and areas such as Soho,Oxford Street, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in front of a cool outdoor square with cute little restaurants and stylish bars. There are plenty of shops to choose from and get lost in. London is filled with tradition, class and style. Trafalgar Square is famously known for protests being held there, but there are also other things it’s admired for. There is a spectacular art museum that is for free and the square is always filled entertainment; from live performers to people chilling at the square and all getting to know each other.

Not only is Trafalgar Square constantly bustling, but so is Convent Garden, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. From famous film premieres, traditional Chinese food in China town, live entertainers and media, museums and clubs to streets such as Bond Street that is oozing with sophistication and designer couture boutiques.

Stop by Southbank, where you can also enjoy a live show and witness the London Eye in motion. On the weekends there is a food market, which has stalls of food from all over the world. Ever tried a pasta muffin?

Head down to Camden Town with the northern line. The area is filled with different culture and interesting people. There are cute little market stalls and food courts that are set by the river. Camden also has a great nightlife, from live gigs, award shows to Brazilian and Cuban bars. Go east and head to Shoreditch and Brick Lane on the overground. This area is fashion influenced and inspired by art. Shoreditch is known for its nightlife, vintage shops and cool hipster places. If you want to witness a huge DJ from Miami, then Shoreditch is the place to be. Brick Lane has the Middle eastern and Asian culture mixed with art, as there are traditional curry houses, vintage shops and walls covered in artistic and beautiful graffiti.

London is one of the biggest trending cities till this day. It is known for the infamous clock The Big Ben and the parliament in Westminster and Buckingham palace. However, London has so much history, multicultural areas, sophistication, style and the surprises that the streets of London provides.

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