Here are 3 delicious savoury street foods that you should you try in Athens, Greece

Check out the video below for the delivery edition of these street foods:

In this article I have personally tried these 3 delicious street food options that you can have delivered to your home. Since we are in a current pandemic situation, I thought it would be interesting to see what these incredible street foods would taste and look like as food delivery.

If you are visiting Athens and want to embrace the city, I have listed the address below for each restaurant for you to go to – since I highly recommend for you to try them.

Arxigos chicken thigh souvlaki Food copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Arxigos Food

Even though souvlaki and gyros is a popular choice in Athens for many reasons, it can actually be hard to find that perfect souvlaki. However, Arxigos has ticked all the boxes and for the right reasons.

The chicken thigh souvlaki in particular is soft and succulent, the mustard sauce is light and creamy, the golden chips are covered in paprika seasoning and the pitta bread is not greasy at all. The ingredients are high quality, plus it’s delicious and filling to have. The pork gyros is also highly recommended and is served with their homemade tzatziki sauce. Arxigos Food is available to order on the app e food for home delivery, or you can check out their fabulous restaurant. The chicken thigh souvlaki only costs 2.50 euros.

Address: Acharnon 359, Athina 111 45

Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 12PM -1AM

Phone number: +30 21 0831 5606

Pronto bread dessert coffee Spanakopita copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Pronto bread dessert coffee

Even though spanakopita (spinach pie) is a common savoury pie to eat in Greece, it can sometimes be hard to find the right one that just hits the spot. However, at Pronto bread dessert coffee, they serve yummy spanakopita as a generous portion. This heavenly slice only costs 1.90 euros.

The golden filo pastry is crunchy and flaky, the spinach is fresh and warm, the feta cheese isn’t too salty and overall this certain pie is not greasy at all. It is the perfect breakfast to have delivered right to your doorstep through e Food, or you can visit the bakery yourself.

Address:  Ευαλκίδου, Liosion και, Athina 104 45

Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 6AM -11PM

Phone number: 21 0825 9666

Lukumades The Cretan version copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades


The Greek dessert loukoumades is usually sweet and the classic way is served with just honey, cinnamon and sometimes chopped walnuts too. However, at the dessert parlor Lukumades, they also have modern and savoury versions with Greek ingredients.

I highly recommend for you to try the Cretan savoury loukoumades, since the fried doughnut balls are filled with Mizithra cheese and then covered in a glaze of honey and topped with sesame seeds. They are scrumptious, with a slight tangy and sour taste on the inside and crunchy on the outside. These doughnut balls can be eaten for anytime of the day. You can order for home delivery from the app Wolt, or you can visit the dessert parlor yourself. This little box includes 8 balls and only costs 4.60 euros.

Address:  Eolou 21, & Aghias Irinis Str, Athina 105 51

Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 8AM -1AM

Phone number: 21 0321 0880

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