Looking to travel in style? Make way to Barcelona.

Barcelona is a city known for its stylish, luxurious lifestyle, the beautiful modern and ancient architecture and the friendly Mediterranean hospitality. Make your summer incredible by embracing this lively city.

Road in Barcelona          Pixabay/Strukturfee
Road in Barcelona Pixabay/Strukturfee

Barcelona that has the best of both worlds; a bustling city filled with culture, incredible scenery and exotic beaches. Just imagine yourself cruising in a convertible car, soaking up the Mediterranean sun and driving through the roads with tall, skinny, palm trees, that divides the beach and city scene.  Sounds better than sitting behind your desk right? Or why not picture yourself sitting by a glamorous rooftop bar, sipping on wine and overlooking the stunning city that is lit up at night. This city has a lot to offer and will keep you entertained day and night.

Start your journey by exploring the history that Barcelona has.  Admire the fine art and ancient grounds that the city holds in the ancient gothic cathedrals, buildings, art galleries and museums. Sagrada Familia is a cathedral that should definitely be put on your to-do list. The Roman Catholic cathedral is designed by the famously known Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. With his unique sense of style, Sagrada Familia surely stands out from the other cathedrals.  Be inspired by the eccentric and modern building La Pedrera, which was also designed by Antoni Gaudi. The building gives you a sense of escapism, as it is like no other. La Pedrera represents expressive art and surrealism through the design of this building. It has an unusual curve structure as the stone façade supports itself.

Sagrada Familia          Pixabay/Patrice_Audit
Sagrada Familia Pixabay/Patrice_Audit

Once you’ve embraced the art and history of Barcelona, continue your journey by walking by foot through the busy streets of the city. Tickle your taste buds by tasting the Catalan cuisine. Enjoy fine dining at Agut, where they provide you with traditional Catalan dishes; from fried artichokes for starters to quails with “escalivada” for your main course.  Or why don’t you explore the backstreets of Barcelona and explore the authentic street food they have to offer. Stop by Bo de B in La Barceloneta, if you want to try their popular bocadillos. Bocadillos is a traditional Catalan sandwich that is loved by everyone. Their delicious crusty baguette is filled with a variety of ingredients; from tortilla (known as a potato omelette) to cheeses and deli meat, as well as healthy ingredients. The sandwiched joint is always popular and is open until midnight.

If you really want to explore the Catalan cuisine, then head over to the La Boqueria food market. Both tourists and locals gather together in this market, discovering foods from different nationalities. By midday, the market is packed with people visiting variety of stalls and bars. From street food to restaurant quality food, you will be spoilt for choice. So if you fancy seafood, meat, deli, fruit or a quick snack, then La Boqueria will not disappoint you.

You simply have to try their classic culinary trend, Basque Tapas. This traditional style of eating is popular in Barcelona. Dig into their delicious, bite sized food that is served on their homemade bread and should be eaten with toothpicks. Euskal Etxea is the ideal tapas restaurant to experience their cultural cuisine. On their menu are classic yet modern and delicious combinations of tapas that you will surely enjoy.

La Boqueria Market            Flickr/Rosino
La Boqueria Market Flickr/Rosino

Satisfy your sweet tooth by visiting one of the best and popular confectionary shops in Barcelona. Escribà is famously known for their creamy, luscious, chocolate and their mouth watering, sponge, cakes. However, this isn’t just an ordinary confectionary shop, as they have used their creativity to come up with eccentric and fascinating products. You will be caught between eating the delicious, beautifully decorated chocolate cake or you will end up leaving it as a trophy of art for everyone to see. But, thanks to technology, we can easily take a photo of the mesmerizing cake and dig our forks into the scrumptious three layers of goodies.

Why not take a dip into their cool, crystal blue waters or tan under their golden sun at Barceloneta Beach? With artistic statues, modern beach bars and entertainment, the beach is a popular hotspot. Sail through the bright blue sea, on a yacht or play a game of volleyball on their clear, white sand. Enjoy a nice, cool, refreshing drink in one of their bars, as you lounge in the shade for when it gets too hot. Not only is Barcelona known for their cool, hip, beaches, but they’re popular for their nude beaches too. So if you want to flaunt your body without a swimsuit, then join the friendly society that Playa La Mar Bella beach has to offer.

Start out your evening by wining down at a rooftop bar, with a panoramic view of the city and a glass of Mojito in your hand. La Terraza del Claris is a modern and classic bar that is placed on top of the Claris hotel. Not only can you enjoy beverages and a spectacular view of the sunset, but you can also enjoy an exquisite meal under the moonlight. Are you in the mood to dance all night? Then don’t worry, because this rooftop bar also has a live DJ that performs till 1am on the weekends. So party in style and let your night unravel into something unforgettable. Not only is this rooftop bar the place to be in the evening, but it is also a hotspot during the day. With a swimming pool by the bar, that overlooks Barcelona by day, it is simply a view that cannot be missed.

Barceloneta Beach          Flickr/CrashSunRay2013
Barceloneta Beach Flickr/CrashSunRay2013

If you’re looking to party in style, do it the Catalan way by attending one of their biggest festivals; La Mercè.  The festival is held annually throughout September, with a variety of events occurring; from live gigs and music, art exhibitions and entertainers, cultural attractions and firework displays. It is simply a huge party that cannot be missed.

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