Top 4 food hotspots to eat in Southampton

Whether you’re a local or just visiting Southampton, these top 4 food hotspots are a must try, especially for those who love the taste of different cuisines!

GIMME T'HIGH FIVE sandwich from Crescent City. Photographer: Hannah Carroll
GIMME T’HIGH FIVE sandwich from Crescent City.
Photographer: Hannah Carroll

1. Crescent City

Southampton is famously known for its cultural food stall market on the weekends and Crescent City is definitely one of the popular ones. Even though it is recently a new addition to the food stall market, it is buzzing with people as they can’t get enough of the menu that has captured the New Orleans cuisine. Crescent City has taken the traditional dishes from New Orleans and has transformed them with own modern twist. They have a selection of sandwiches filled with incredible, fresh ingredients. From smoked brisket along with pickles and hot Louisiana BBQ sauce, to Cajun fried shrimp with fennel and green chilli slaw, lime and Tobacco dressing, you surely will be impressed. Need something to quench your thirst? Then you should try their delicious, homemade lemonade.You can get the full package, with a sandwich, side and a drink, with their meal deal for only under 8 pounds! So if you love a bit of spice or have always wanted to try the famous New Orleans Gumbo, then make sure you stop by Crescent City!

Facebook page: (This food stall is open only on Saturdays)

Price range: £2.00-£8.00

Address: Southampton High Street, SO14 7

2. Greekville

Greekville started out as a food stall market held on weekends in Southampton. However, with the great success it has had, it has now expanded into a lively, restaurant. The menu is perfect for meat eaters and vegetarians as it has a variety of classic, homemade and fresh Greek dishes. The feeling of nostalgia will certainly come back when you bite into the mouth watering, pork gyros or dip your pitta bread in the cool, tzatziki dip, as it’ll remind you of your first trip you had in Greece. Greekville has perfectly captured the Greek cuisine, as it introduces you to traditional dishes that you also may have never come across. So if you love exploring a new cuisine, then let your curiosity get the better of you and dine at Greekville.

Facebook page:

Price Range: £2.00-9.00

Address: 27 Queensway, Southampton, SO14 3BL

3. Fusion Noodle Bar

Fusion Noodle Bar is a brilliant restaurant for Chinese and Malaysian food. The restaurant itself has a tranquil and elegant atmosphere. The menu allows you to explore the traditional cuisine of Chinese and Malaysian food, with generous proportions. Once you take a bite into their Char Siu pork, you’ll say goodbye to your local Chinese restaurant and hello to Fusion Noodle Bar! With their impeccable service, you will leave the restaurant feeling satisfied.


Price Range: £2.00-8.00

Address: 15 St. Marys Street, Southampton, SO14, INP

4. Turtle Bay

As soon as you step into this restaurant, you will feel like you’re somewhere exotic. Turtle Bay has a vibrant and exciting atmosphere, with a modern style. The menu is Caribbean themed, with dishes served in trendy casserole pots and boards. Not only is the restaurant known for its luscious food, but it is also popular for its variety of colourful cocktails. Whether you’re in the mood for their rich and creamy curried one pots, or their flame grilled, barbecue jerk pit, you’re in for a treat.


Price range: £2.00-£10.00

Address:1 Guildhall Square,
Southampton, SO14 7FP

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