Hum for your sins

Humingbird Bakery
Hummingbird bakery Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Are you a sweet tooth kind of person? You know, the kind of person that would easily choose a sweet treat over a savoury one any day? Well, you would want to keep on reading this. Forget your local bakeries or cupcake stands that you can’t help but to make regular visits to, every time you get the chance.

If you don’t live in London, you might as well book a one way journey now and try to track down Hummingbird bakery. Once you step into the heavens of goodies, you will be leaving with a box full of yummy treats. Hummingbird bakery always has a long, yet fast queue; everyone wants the good stuff!

From pumpkin and cinnamon whoopie pies, to mouth watering red velvet cupcakes; Hummingbird bakery has gone beyond creative and has delivered you the very best and extraordinary sweet selection there is. From cheesecakes to rainbow cake slices; you will want to try everything that is in there – and you won’t feel guilty at all.

The bakery also isn’t decorated as a typical bakery, it is filled with class. It has been decorated in a modern manner yet mixed with simplicity. So add Hummingbird bakery to your bucket list or places to go. Enjoy your first bite of your cupcake and thank me later!


Price range: £3.00-£5.00

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