Here’s a useful guide for booking a cheap trip to Amsterdam

The capital of Netherlands will always be a popular destination to go to, with many people always returning after having an exciting trip there. Amsterdam has different kinds of scenes that are tailored to people’s needs, as well as historical landmarks and interesting museums that are worth visiting.

Even though it is known to be a dream destination for some, it can actually be quite expensive for others. This bustling capital is a bit pricey when it comes to staying and eating, as well as participating in some activities. So how can you have a budget friendly holiday in an expensive destination? Here’s a guide to help you with that.

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It’s important to find accommodation that is flexible for you to travel to and that doesn’t waste any of your time to get there and back. This is because you want to make most of the city and you don’t want to be on one side that’s too far away to get to, thus wasting your time getting there.

However, it can be quite expensive to book accommodation right in the center of Amsterdam, so what other options do you have?

You can actually find a great place that is a 15 minute train ride from the main center and it is a completely different area that you can enjoy exploring. Amsterdam isn’t just the main square with the tourist attractions, but it also has other non-touristy areas nearby that are cheaper and can even allow you to have experiences like a local. If you want to stay somewhere that isn’t too far from central and it isn’t too touristy, you should stay at the West side of the city, such as the area Sloterdijk. In this area you can experience food tours of the local cuisine and you’re close to museums such as the Van Gogh, Anne Frank and Rijksmuseum. There is even Vondelpark, where many festivals are held and locals love to chill at. You can find great accommodation here.

Another great way of saving money is to not book accommodation on the main square directly, but across it instead. You can find great places from across the river that is only 10 minutes away from the square, giving you the opportunity to explore a local area, but to also be close to all the attractions. The area is called Badhuiskade and you can find a great place to stay here.

However, if you want to stay in the center because you prefer to be close to everything and you want to experience everything at once, then it’s best to book decent accommodation here or for an ecofriendly budget hostel, click here.

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Food and drink

Even though Amsterdam offers a great night life, it also has a great local cuisine too. However, it’s quite hard to track down restaurants that offer local dishes, which is why it’s worth adding these places to your list:

Budget friendly local food and vegetarian dishes – Hollands Hap Hmm Restaurant

Cheese fondue restaurant – Het Karbeel

Bakery that sells Stroopwafels – Original Stroopwafels

Budget friendly café bar – Mankind

Fish and seafood (fast food) – Rob Wigboldus Vishandel

Breakfast/brunch (egg based dishes) – OMELEGG

Vegan food – Vegan Junk Food Bar and Meatless District

Bakeries – Bakhuys Amsterdam, Stefs Bakery and croissanterie Egstorf

If you want to have a free food tour in Amsterdam, click here to make a booking.

When it’s best to visit

It is best to visit off season, because that way you will find cheaper flight tickets and even really good deals. It’s recommended to visit in February, March, September and November.

Local activities

Amsterdam has great local activities that you can do, but it is always best to book activities in advance by doing it online. You can even get some really good deals if you book beforehand.

Final words

You can make the most of Amsterdam if you book a 4 day trip there. It’s a destination worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.

3 thoughts on “Here’s a useful guide for booking a cheap trip to Amsterdam

  1. Travelling Welshman

    I loved Amsterdam when I was there! I was only there a day but enough to make me want to move there! Great tips! Another great article from you!

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