Here is a list of destinations that you have to visit in 2021

There has been good news recently that there are vaccines available for Coronavirus, which means that travelling is now potentially back on the cards. In order to hold on to some hope, here is a list of destinations that you have to visit in 2021.


Miami, United States

Miami is where the party is at, with some of the most influential DJs from around the world being the heart of the party which are usually at trendy rooftop bars, as the golden sun shines on you and the cocktails keep on coming. Miami is also known for its bold colours that pop and Modernist architecture which create the perfect aesthetic theme for your insta-worthy travel photos. Miami has a major Latin American cultural influence, with an amazing food scene and lively nightclubs.

Even though it may seem like Miami might be an expensive trip, you can actually find accommodations such as Selina Gold Dust with decent prices and a free cancellation policy! Airlines have also reduced their prices, so now is the time to plan your trip. Miami is a warm destination all year round, so you can literally book for any month and still have a sunny holiday!

Bad Gastein Austria

Bad Gastein, Austria

Even though travelling has been limited this year and some of us were not able to go to dreamy winter destinations, it’s still not a bad idea to plan your perfect winter holiday for next year; especially if you can take advantage of good deals. Technically, January and February are still considered to be months with cold weather and Bad Gastein is the perfect destination.

This town is as if it is a film setting for a Fairytale movie, with soft white snow settled everywhere, along with unique gothic architecture and cute square houses. It is a town that’s also a spa and ski resort, plus it has some of the most breathtaking views to wake up to or to admire, as you’re wrapped around a blanket by the crackling fire with a cup of hot coco. You can most definitely make this dream come true by booking super cheap accommodation at Selina, with free cancellation!


Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is most definitely worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. This bustling capital offers so much history such as grand castles that you’re able to have tours in, and important landmarks that are a great significance to European history. There are a lot of hilltops with promising views in this city, as well as cool trams that you can ride in.

The Portuguese cuisine greatly consists of fish and seafood, so if that is something that you love, it’s another reason to visit this beautiful capital. Lisbon also has a lively nightlife where you can mingle with the locals and even partake in some traditions that they have. You can find really good and cheap accommodation that’s close by some lively neighbourhoods, which means that you won’t miss out on any fun!


Cancun, Mexico

Cancun will always be a popular destination to visit and there are many reasons why. This city has stunning beaches that are bordering with the Caribbean sea. You’d be surrounded by turquoise blue waters and waves that you can surf on, soft golden sand that feels like silk between your fingers, and boat parties where you can watch the sunset with your loved ones. Cancun is also a party destination, where you can create memories that you would never forget. You can find really trendy places to stay at, giving you the opportunity to meet new people and even have pool parties.


Athens, Greece

Athens is a concrete jungle worth exploring, because it has a unique combination of being a modern cosmopolitan city, but also still having ancient ruins in tact. In Athens you can find really cool markets that sells everything; from antiques to fresh fruit, it has cheap prices and everything you need. There’s also a huge coffee culture in Athens, so if you’re a coffee lover, then you should most definitely visit and have a little tour of the oldest coffee shops there. Athens is also the ideal location to stay at in order to be able to travel to Greek islands nearby for a mini break. You can definitely find a great place to stay in Athens, for a cheap price and with free cancellation!

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