Here are the cheapest destinations to travel to in Europe

Many of us have a strong urge to travel once the pandemic is over and want things to go back to normal. However, sometimes you just want to visit a country that’s budget friendly, but it also has cool activities for you to partake in. Here is a list of destinations that are the cheapest to visit in Europe.

Palermo Pixabay: MirkoB

Palermo, Italy

The capital of Sicily is Palermo and it is definitely worth visiting. This sunny capital has 12th century Cathedral houses and Neoclassical architecture. It’s also known for its fantastic local cuisine and dishes such as Pasta alla Norma and Arancine. Palermo has gorgeous crystal blue waters, cute alleyways and bustling street markets. It’s one of the cheapest destinations in Italy and it’s advised to visit in the summer.

Sofia Pixabay: jdblack

Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an underrated country and it has some of the most picturesque views that you would love to wake up to. Sofia is a destination where you can enjoy the local cuisine at a cheap price, as well as attend free attractions such as St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral and the National Palace of Cultural Congress. There are also great activities for people who love to go on mini adventures; such as visiting the Boyana waterfall and the Lake Pancharevo or hiking up Lyulin Mountain.

Sofia also has a bustling city vibe as you walk down Vitosha Boulevard, where there are cute boutiques and vibrant cafes to check out. What’s great about staying in Sofia is that there is always flexibility to stay somewhere and meet new people. Flights are cheap all year round and Sofia is also a great winter destination because it has a lot of skiing resorts.

Prague Pixabay: d_poltoradnev

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a city that looks like something out of a fairytale, with its old Romanesque buildings that look grand and gothic. Even though it’s recommended to visit the beautiful Old Town Square, it is advised to explore the deeper parts of Prague, where you can experience the local lifestyle for a cheap price.

Prague is the perfect destination for weekend breaks and there are many cool things to see such as the Astronomical Clock, the Dancing House, Charles Bridge and the medieval castle called Vyšehrad. Plus, if you love beer then this capital is calling your name because it’s super cheap there.

The best time to visit Prague is in May, because flights and accommodation are super cheap and you have the perfect weather for travelling.

Bucharest Pixabay: falco

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and has some of the most beautiful neighbourhoods to walk in. Bucharest has a lot of great activities and attractions for people who love history and visiting ancient monuments.

The Romanian cuisine has a lot to offer, plus there are loads of food markets to explore such as the Obor Food Marrket, and all at budget friendly prices. It’s also advised to visit the the 19th-century Gambrinus Brewery, where you can try local delicacies and drink great beer.

You can even visit the “Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum, which showcases the traditional Romanian villages. You must also visit the Therme Bucharest, where there are outdoor thermal pools, indoor swimming pools and saunas.

The best time to visit Bucharest is the autumn time, since the temperatures are still warm and the trees have red and orange leaves, making the capital look picturesque.

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