Are you up for a food challenge? Check out this giant Skepasti in Athens, Greece

Check out the video below:

Everyone loves a food challenge and it can be quite rewarding when you complete the challenge.

Chicken gyros Skespasti copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Arxigos Food is known to serve up a giant portion of Skepasti. This dish can easily be shared between two people, but it’s most certainly a food challenge for one person.

Skepasti is a delicious Greek comfort food that resembles to a stuffed gyros pizza. Inside you will find either pork or chicken kalamaki or gyros, melted gouda cheese, tomato, lettuce and a special sauce.

Skepasti copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Skepasti means covering everything, which is why there’s two layers of pitta bread with all the ingredients stuffed inside.

This giant Skepasti that Arxigos Food comes with a generous portion of chips and an additional tub of special sauce. It costs €8.60.

Address: Acharnon 359, Athina 111 45

Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 12pm – 1am

Phone number: 21 0831 5606

This restaurant is available to order takeaway food from the apps Box and E Food.

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