Here’s a mini guide for Nea Filadelfeia

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Athens has a lot of areas that are worth exploring and Nea Filadelfeia is one of them.

It’s a family friendly area and it has a lot of greenery. In Nea Filadelfeia you will find that there are variety of options to choose from for bars, restaurants and coffee shops. There’s also an outdoor cinema and a huge park that’s perfect for jogging, walking or hanging out.

This is a non touristy area and is suitable for all ages.

Here’s a mini guide for Nea Filadelfeia.

How go get there:

There are many ways to get to Nea Filadelfeia, but the quickest way is to stop at Perissos train station which is the green line for the Ilectriko (ηλεκτρικό). It’s a 10 minute walk from the train station to Nea Filadelfeia.

However, if you don’t want to catch the train, you can hop on a bus, which would be the number 6 or B9. You can get this bus at either Archanon, Kato Patissia or Ano Patissia.

It’s also very easy to drive there, depending on which area you’re coming from.

Where to stay

If you’re travelling to Athens and you want to stay in Nea Filadelfeia, you can check out apartments on Airbnb or Price rates can vary depending on the season and dates.

Fairytale copyright Photographer: Ioannis Selimas
Fairytale copyright Photographer: Ioannis Selimas

For dessert lovers

If you love desserts that are super sweet and eccentric, then you should stop by Fairytale.

The main theme of this dessert parlour is Alice in Wonderland and it is truly magical.

The prices are moderate, but the portions are huge including the hot beverages that they serve.

For beer lovers

If you love a nice cold pint, then you should check out En Aithria. It has a rustic theme and a rooftop section that’s suitable for all seasons.

Their menu includes a huge range of different beers from all over the world and there’s even options to have a huge beer tap for your table.

Beer tap copyright Photographer: Ioannis Selimas
English stout copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

For sandwich lovers

If you love street food, but sandwiches especially, then you need to visit Cantiniero.

They create sandwiches with ingredients of your choice and they’re known for their giant sandwich which is 50cm long. It’s the perfect comfort food for anytime of the day.

For Greek food with small plates

If you’re visiting Athens and you’re looking for some decent Greek food in the area, you should book reservations at Mama Goose.

They serve small plates of modern Greek food, as well as traditional dishes. Their small plates can be paired well with some ouzo or raki.

Fried eggs and chips copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades
Feta sagnaki copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

For Greek food with big plates

Ladokolla is a themed restaurant and the literal name means baking paper. Most of the dishes that they serve is on baking paper and they’re in generous portions.

The food options are mostly meat based, but the style of cooking is home cooked comfort food. The prices are cheap and the restaurant has a cute rustic theme.

There are also other cuisines that you can try out in this area, such as Mexican food and Italian food.

Nea Filadelfeia copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

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