Here’s a mini guide for Ntrafi Waterfall

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Athens is a city that offers many different activities and great areas to explore. In the North Athens regional unit, there is a town called Penteli and it is great to visit especially during the Autumn season.

Ntrafi waterfall copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

How to get there

The best way to get there is by car. It is only a 40 minute drive from central Athens and it is a smooth journey. There is parking available on the cliff top that is close to the waterfall.

There are bus routes available, however it can take up to an hour to get to the destination. There is the 301B that you can take from Plakentias Station.

What to do there

The main attraction is that you can swim in the waterfalls. There is also a mini hiking trail that leads to you a small and secluded waterfall that you can relax at. It is also a beautiful location for nature photography.

It is advised to wear comfortable clothing and trainers for this location. You may even need to take off your shoes at some point, in order to step into the streams that leads to the waterfalls.

There are no toilets around and the cliff top is very steep for the route towards the waterfalls, therefore it’s not suitable for anyone who has trouble walking or hiking.

Ntrafi waterfalls copyright Photographer: Ioannis Selimas

Pork kalamaki skewers copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Where to eat

Hiking up and down a cliff top and lounging by the waterfall can work up quite an appetite. For a quick bite or a filling lunch, it is best to go into the town of Penteli and check out the restaurant ‘To Petrino tou Stamati’ (Το Πέτρινο Του Σταμάτη).

It is self service and the price is cheap for local Greek comfort food. Here you’ll find succulent meat skewers (kalamaki skewers), fresh salads, dips, home cooked chips and meat platters.

If you are in the mood for dessert, then check out ‘Waffle House’, which serves up delicious fresh waffles and waffle bites, with plenty of toppings to choose from. They also have a huge range of ice cream, in case you want something light.

Waffle with Nutella, biscuits and vanilla ice cream copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Ntrafi waterfall copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

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