Recipe of the day: Briam

This is a quick and simple version of the Greek traditional dish Briam.

Briam copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Briam is a vegetarian dish that is first cooked in a pot and then baked in the oven. Instead, I cooked it in the pot and added crumbled courgette fritters and feta cheese on top.

I have also made it a low carb meal.


1 large red onion

1 large courgette or 2 small ones

1 medium sized aubergine

A handful of fresh parsley finely chopped

1 large beef tomato

2 tbsp of tomato puree

1 glass of water

1 glass of red one



Dried oregano

Ground Cumin

Olive oil

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 45 minutes

Serves: 4


Step.1: Heat the olive oil in a large pot on a medium heat. Chop the onion, aubergine and courgette and tomato into small pieces and add to the pot. Let it saute for 5 minutes.

Step. 2: Add the parsley, herbs and spices, water, wine and tomato puree into the pot. Season well and stir. Cover with a lid and let it simmer on a low to medium heat, until the vegetables are soft and the sauce is thick.

Step. 3: Use leftover courgette fritters as crumbled toppings with feta cheese when serving.

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