Review Of The Day: Tamarind Thai Kitchen

Tamarind Thai Kitchen serves authentic and delicious Thai food that has a perfect balance of flavours. The restaurant itself has an interior design that will make you feel like you are temporarily away from Athens and somewhere exotic instead.

It has a calm, relaxing atmosphere, with outdoor seating that has a cute setting for the perfect meal. It is located on a square and is surrounded by other restaurants, but Tamarind Thai Kitchen stands out with its bold colours and beautifully decorated lanterns; which just lures you in.

Tamarind Thai Kitchen copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

When it comes to ordering appetizers, you must try the dim sum; there are 6 pieces and they are light and refreshing, with just the right amount of stuffing inside. They are served with a sweet sauce, that gives an added compliment to the flavour of the dim sum.

The rice paper spring rolls are served with a peanut sauce that have a hint of spice to it. The spring rolls are generously filled with fresh ingredients, that are paired incredibly with the peanut sauce.

The red Thai curry has a variety of vegetables that leaves a sweet taste, but then it is met with a spicy aftertaste that is perfect for someone who loves spicy food.

The prawn pad Thai isn’t greasy at all, it has its traditional ingredients that you can enjoy and feel satisfied eating it.

The fried rice is enough to share between 4 people and it also leaves a spicy aftertaste. It also isn’t greasy at all and is actually filled with fresh vegetables that boosts with natural flavours.

If you still have room after your Thai food feast, then you should definitely order dessert. The coconut panna cotta is the perfect choice for someone who loves the rich flavour of coconut, yet with an airy and delicate texture. Whereas the lemon pie is soft and creamy, with subtle flavours.

Tamarind Thai Kitchen is the perfect spot for sipping on some light cocktails, dining on incredibly delicious food that is at a decent price and all in a soothing atmosphere.

Address: Keramikou 51, Athina 104 36

Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 6.30pm – 12.30am

Phone number: 21 0522 5945

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