Here Are 5 Things Not To Do In Athens, Greece

Here is a quick guide of 5 things not to do when you are on vacation in Athens or anywhere else in Greece.

1. Hand gestures

When it comes to the Greek culture, it is offensive when you show your palm in order to signal the number 5. In fact, it is always advised to show your back hand as the number five or when you want to thank a driver for them stopping, so that you can cross the road.

Athens, Greece copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

2. Don’t flush the toilet paper

The pipe system hasn’t changed in Greece, which is why it is advised to never flush toilet paper down the toilet. There are always warning signs in the toilet cubicles and of course bins for you to dispose the toilet paper.

3. Always tip

It can be seen as rude if you do not tip the staff members who have provided you a good service. In other cultures such as the Japanese culture, it is seen as rude if you tip. Whereas in Greece, it is as if you are complimenting the service that they provided to you.

Ano Kypseli copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

4. Always check before you cross the roads

Now this is of course common sense, but even when the stick figure for the pedestrian lights turn green, driver’s still drive without a care in the world. Not all driver’s respect the rules of the road and will speed up even when you are about to cross. Always triple check, even if there are no cars on the road, because they always turn up out of the blue.

5. Respect the public transport

When it comes to public transport, the main rule that you need to remember is to always wait for the passengers to get off, before you enter. This applies to buses, trams, trolleys and trains and it doesn’t matter whether you wait on the left or right hand side; just as long as you wait for the passengers to get off first.

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