Want To Move Abroad? Here Are Some Cities You Should Consider Moving To

There is always an opportunity to move abroad and you should take it; for it is an incredible experience to have.

Amsterdam copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is a beautiful multicultural capital with cute townhouses, wide canals and a lively nightlife.

Amsterdam offers a great art and music scene and fun outdoor activities such as cycling, boat rides and beautiful large parks to chill at.

It is actually easy to find a job in nearly any field, plus it is also known that they promote a good work balance.

You can most definitely live a good quality life in Amsterdam, especially with low living costs.

Hong Kong Photographer: Pixabay/Philipsaal

Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

If you want to take a step out of your comfort zone and experience a whole new lifestyle all together, then you should move to Kwun Tong in Hong Kong.

This business district has had a makeover and is now also known to be a creative district.

Not only that, but generally when living in Hong Kong you will feel safe at all times; even in the early hours of the morning.

Enjoy a city that offers all kinds of outdoor activities, delicious dim sum and cheap weekend getaways to other countries nearby such as Malaysia.

Athens, Greece copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Athens, Greece

This bustling capital can offer opportunities for pretty much anybody. Fall in love with this cosmopolitan city that also has traces of its historic past.

The living situation is cheap, there is a healthy Mediterranean diet to enjoy, and there are plenty of jobs for pretty much any language.

You can also take advantage of the port Pireaus, which you can use to travel to many Greek islands in the summer.

Helsinki, Finland Photographer: Pixabay/tap5a

Helsinki, Finland

If you’re looking for a family friendly lifestyle, but that can still offer a decent night life, great hospitality and picturesque views; then you should consider moving to Helsinki.

This city is completely safe and easy to commute around. They are also environmentally friendly, since they mainly use bikes and have many vegan alternatives.

Plus, if you’re looking to move with a family or just study abroad, then you can take advantage of the free, high quality education system that they have to offer.

Hamburg, Germany Photographer: Pixabay/KartsenBergmann

Hamburg, Germany

Even though Hamburg is a bit more expensive to live in compared to other cities, it does make up for it with the great quality lifestyle.

In this city you will find wide canals that offer great sunset views, plenty of parks that are great for summer picnics, as well as rivers and lakes that you can use for canoeing.

However, if you’re seeking for a job in Hamburg, it would be beneficial for you if you know a good level of English and some German.

Tokyo, Japan Photographer: Pixabay/Philipsaal

Tokyo, Japan

This metropolis is a dream city for anyone who loves anime, sushi, ramen, modern technology and karaoke.

Tokyo is one of the biggest capitals in the world and has so many jobs and once in a lifetime opportunities.

It may be an expensive city to live in, but the experience that you would receive in this city is just as rich. Japan is also safe to live in and has very little crime rates.

Vienna, Austria Photographer: Pixabay/tookapic

Vienna, Austria

This city has many advantages; it is clean, it has affordable living costs and is generally a safe city to live in.

Another benefit about living in Vienna, is that they have a cheap transport system and you can easily travel to other cities.

However, it may be hard to find a job if you don’t speak good English.

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