In The Mood For Souvlaki? Then Here Are 4 Places You Should Definitely Order From

Whether you’re visiting Athens for the first time or umpteenth time, there is always room to have a kebab, gyros or souvlaki.

Here are 4 top places that you should definitely pay a visit to or order from.

Chicken souvlaki copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Κάτι ψήνεται – (kati psynetai)

This is can be found a local area, but also a very busy street that has a similar atmosphere to Edgware road in London, and it’s called Archanon.

It isn’t a restaurant that you instantly recognise, since it doesn’t particularly stand out exterior wise, however it is something you would soon discover to be a joyous surprise.

They serve juicy, tender chicken skewers, sandwiched between lettuce, red onion, tomato and golden, crispy chips, with a generous amount of mustard mayonaise, along with a light sprinkle of paprika; and it is wrapped in a toasted pitta bread. You will surely become addicted.

Address: Acharnon 211, Athina 104 46

Opening times: Monday – Saturday: 12PM – 12.30AM Sunday: 12PM – 12AM

Phone number: 21 0864 0103

Chicken kebab copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Θεσσαλικό grill (thessaliko grill)

This restaurant is also located in Archanon and is very popular for its kebab.

The beef kebab is the traditional option to choose, however, they also make a very delicious chicken kebab. The portions are small and cheap; which is a great reason to order more than one.

You can choose what you would like in the wrap. A great recommendation would be to try it with the classic red sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion and chips. It is also sprinkled with paprika and the pitta bread is toasted so well, that it gives that extra crunch.

Address: Acharnon 203, Athina 104 46

Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 12PM – 12AM

Phone number: 21 0865 1101

Kebab copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Ο Θανάσης – O Thanasis

This restaurant is located in the heart of Central Athens, which is Monastiraki. It is nestled amongst other restaurants, however it has been standing out since 1964.

It is always busy with tourists and locals, since it has maintained its high quality food and service. This is definitely a great option if you want a sit down meal for dinner or a big lunch.

They are known for the traditional beef kebab that is served with a generous amount of pitta bread that has absorbed the juices of the meat, the chargrilled tomatoes and the freshly cut red onion.

You can also order the kebab with Greek yoghurt, paprika and pitta bread, which is known to be called ‘kebab giaourtlou’.

This plate brings bold flavours together and serves up one mouth watering meal.

Address: Mitropoleos 69, Athina 105 55

Opening times:

Monday – Sunday: 9.15AM – 1:30 AM

Friday & Saturday: 9:15AM – 2.30AM

Phone number: 21 0324 4705

Pork gyros copyright Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Ο Μερακλής – O Meraklis

All hail the almighty gyros! This tiny restaurant that is located in Agiou Meletiou is the ultimate winner for gyros.

It is always busy and the pork gyros is sold out by the evening. From the moment it opens, it is flooded with customers as they walk by and get a whiff of the meat slowly turning.

You can also get chicken gyros, however the pork gyros here is the popular option. It comes in a big portion and is accompanied by anything you want to add in the wrap. You can also order an extra large version, if you want to challenge yourself.

The chicken souvlaki is also scrumptious here and is the perfect partner with tzatziki. If you order the chicken souvlaki without chips, you can have a healthier and lighter option.

This restaurant also serves ‘feggaropita’ which in English it translates to moon pie. It is the ultimate toastie; grilled meat of your choice with melted cheese, sauce and veg, all layered together between toasted pitta bread. You can have it as a whole moon or half moon.

Address: Agiou Meletiou 183, Athina 104 43

Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 12PM – 12AM

Phone number: 21 0515 2210

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