Here Are 5 Christmas Traditions From Around The World

Christmas is celebrated worldwide one day per year. Each country however carries a different tradition during Christmas.

Greek Xmas cookies Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Kourabiedes, Greece and Cyprus

When you think of Christmas, you automatically associate Christmas cookies being shaped as snowmen, Christmas trees and stars.

However, in Greece and Cyprus it is a tradition to bake almond cookies that are covered in powdered sugar.

The moment the festive season arrives, nearly all bakeries and patisseries sell these baked goods all over Cyprus and Greece.

They can easily be prepared at home and it is usually the grandmother that bakes them.

Christmas Dinner Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Christmas roast dinner, UK

Christmas dinner is always prepared differently in every country and household.

However, in the UK, Christmas Dinner is traditionally a roast dinner that is roast turkey, pigs in a blanket (cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon), Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, stuffing and brussel sprouts all covered in thick gravy.

Sometimes the turkey is replaced with gamon or goose, or people eat lamb instead.

Cat Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

The Yule Cat, Iceland

In Iceland, there are a lot of folklore tales based on Christmas. It has been a tradition for many years to tell these stories.

One of them is based on a vicious giant cat called ‘The Yule Cat’ who would creep around the countryside during the Yule period of Christmas and eat people who didn’t receive new clothes to wear before Christmas eve.

Candles Photographer: Pixabay/Pixel2013

Candles, Finland

December 13th is a very special festive day in Finland. It is celebrated as St. Lucia Day, which the Finnish know as the feast of Saint Lucy.

It is a Christian tradition and is based on a 3rd-century martyr named Saint Lucia who brought food to those in hiding.

By wearing a candle-lit wreath as an accessory for guidance, she had her hands free in order to carry as much food as she could.

Every year, every Finnish town is lit up with candles and there are festivities in order to celebrate this day.

Postcards Photographer: Pixabay/MIH83

Postcards, France

In France there has been a law since 1962 that any letter written to santa by a child must be responded to in a form of a postcard.

Therefore, in France the thought of Santa Claus is kept alive due to this law. No letter is thrown away or never seen.

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  1. Thank you telling about these traditions for us. In Finland we have one old tradition more – Himmeli:

    Himmeli how to make it

    Himmeli tradition around in Finland:


    Have a wonderful day!

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