Here Are 3 Cute Bars In Athens

Athens has a great nightlife and you can find almost anything suited to your needs here.

However, what also makes the night scene in Athens are the cute bars with unique decors.

Here are three to keep in mind.

Boo! Cafe Bar Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Boo! Cafe Bar

This small bar is located in between Monastiraki and Thisseio. In the day, you can go here for coffee, but in the evening it can get really busy.

The bar is decorated almost like it is based on a fairytale that is inspired by woodland folk stories.

The cocktails are also intriguing, for they have a selection of unique cocktails that come out in different objects such as a carousel.

Address: Sarri 21, Athina 105 54

Opening times:

Monday – Sunday: 7AM-3AM

Friday and Saturday: 7AM- 5AM

Price Range: €€

Drunk Sinatra Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Drunk Sinatra

This bar can be deceiving from the outside, since it looks like it may be small.

However, once you enter it, you are taken aback by the beautiful decor that has an exotic but also 70s style influence.

There are also 2 different rooms along with the seating hall; one with the DJ and a bar which is dark and modern, the second is a seating area designed as if it is a living room from the 70s.

The menu is has a variety of alcohol, all categorised by the country of where the beverage is made.

Address: Thiseos 16, Athina 105 62

Opening times:

Monday – Thursday: 10AM – 4AM

Friday and Saturday: 10AM – 6AM

Sunday: 11AM – 12AM

Price Range: €€

Hacienda all day bar Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Hacienda All Day Bar

This little hidden gem is located in Nea Filadelfia. However, there’s a sudden attraction to this place as soon as you pass by it.

It is decorated in bright and vibrant colours; since it is inspired to be a Mexican themed bar.

Inside is full of beautiful artwork that is inspired by Mexico and a rooftop that is made out of crotchet. You will find tequila and cocktails such as a Margarita here.

Address: Sardeon 3, Filafelfia 143 41

Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 9AM – 3AM

Price Range: €€

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