Here Are Some Places To Visit In Greece

Athens is the capital and always has a flock of tourists for every season.

However, Greece also has other beautiful places worth visiting. Check them out.

Arachova Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades


Just 2 hours away from Athens, you can visit the winter version of Mykonos by bus.

It is ideal for someone who enjoys skiing and is picturesque when it snows.

It is pricier than Athens, but it has many lavish restaurants, traditional Greek tavernas and lively bars.

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Arachova Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades
Delphi Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades


Just half an hour away from Arachova by bus and 15 minutes by taxi, you can visit the ancient grounds of Delphi.

You can visit the oracle of Delphi and walk up the mountain tops, witnessing a stunning view of nothing but greenery and neighbouring villages.

Delphi is a quiet town in comparison to Arachova, but it is the perfect destination for those who love history.

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Nafplio Photographer: Pixabay/travelspot


If you are looking for a romantic summer holiday, then Nafplio is perfect for you.

It is just 2 hours away from Athens and it is as if you have stepped onto a Greek island.

White cobbled streets, pretty pink flowers, pastel coloured houses and cute hidden gem restaurants: it is the perfect getaway.

Meteora Photographer: Pixabay/adibalea


Embark on a spiritual journey by heading to Meteora, where a monastery is located at the top of a mountain.

You’re surrounded by nothing but greenery, which also allows you to get lost in nature and reconnect your body with your mind.

You also have Trikala nearby, which is a beautiful city to visit.

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