Review of the day: Duck Duck Goose

Enjoy a classic dining experience that this restaurant has to offer.

Won Ton soup Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

The Cantonese cuisine is popular in the UK and there is always competition for which restaurant will be your new favourite.

Situated on Finchley Road in Swiss Cottage, this Cantonese restaurant brings you a different level of dining experience.

The decor has a sophisticated design, with large round table’s perfect for big group dining experiences, along with paintings that portray the Chinese culture.

The menu has traditional dishes only, such as Char Siu Pork and roast duck. If you’re not fond of trying something new and want to stay in your comfort zone, then not to worry; as they have dishes that are familiar to your taste buds, such as sweet and sour chicken or beef in black bean sauce.

What stands out from the other restaurant’s is that Duck Duck Goose not only delivers an excellent service and hospitality, but their dishes are bursting with flavours that are rich and bold, which will explode in your mouth.

From Won Ton soup to King prawn chow Mein, each dish can either be light, refreshing or hearty. The portions are also big enough to share and at an affordable price too.

Address: 5-6 New College Parade, Finchley Road, London, NW3 5EP, United Kingdom

Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 12:00PM – 23:00PM

Phone number: 02075861224

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