Review of the day: Ice Roll in Athens

Fried ice cream has hit the city of Athens and it is booming.

ice roll
Ice roll ice cream  Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Ice Roll has a technique of stir-frying different ingredients and then rolling the ice cream up into thick tubes. The typical ingredients are milk, cream, sugars, fresh fruit and sweet assortments.

The menu is broken down into different categories of bases and ingredients. The main bases provided by this ice cream parlour are chocolate milk, regular milk and coconut milk. So therefore, this delicious treat can be enjoyed by everybody; since you have the option to have it vegan or non vegan.

You then get to choose from a variety of fruits and sweets, along with sauces and additional toppings. A great recommendation for the vegan option would be coconut milk with strawberry and dark chocolate; it also makes it a healthier treat too. Another recommendation, but for the non vegan option would be chocolate milk with chocolate, strawberry, pineapple and Caprice wafer sticks.

Ice roll is in Glyfada and in Central Athens. The portion size for this treat is big, so it would be advised to share for your first experience!

Non vegan option on the left and vegan option on the right. Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiadi


(For Glyfada) Giannitsopoulou 2, Glyfada, 166 74, Greece

(For Central Athens) Eresus, Athinas 2, Athens, 105 51, Greece

Opening times: 8AM – 2AM





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