Review of the day: Milk and cookies

Even Kelis would be impressed by these milkshakes.


Milkshakes     Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

A new milkshake bar has joined the food scene in the cosmopolitan city of Athens. In fact, it is in the heart of central Athens which is situated on Perikleous street.

This small milkshake bar has been decorated to look Instagram worthy, with flamingo wallpaper, a vibrant blue wall with Polaroid pictures of their shakes, along with unicorn decorations.

Their milkshakes are designed and created to look so pretty, vibrant and well, magical! However, even though they look good and you want to take a photo of it, you will soon be preaching about them, because they taste even better. They have every possible combination that you could think of and are named after what they resemble to the most.

For example, they have a milkshake that is made for those who can live off chocolate and have named it after the king of chocolate and candy: Willy Wonka. The strawberry milkshake is named Pink Flamingo, the green milkshake is known as the mermaid and there is one with the theme of biscuits, which is called the New Yorker.

If you feel like a milkshake may be too much for you, then enjoy another sweet treat of theirs, which are their freshly baked cookies. Not only that, but they have smoothies that will make you feel super healthy and fresh lemonade with seasonal fruit.

milk and cookies.jpg
Milk and cookies   Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Address: Perikleous 56, Athens, Greece, 105 60

Opening times: Monday – Saturday: 9AM – 21:00pm  Sunday: Closed













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