Take a trip to Santorini this summer

This beautiful, volcanic Greek island is the perfect getaway for tranquillity and relaxation.

Oia, Santorini    Photographer: http://www.Flickr.com/Creative Commons/Anita

Start your day by hiking up to the small village Oia. As you walk up the cobbled pathways, you will find yourself surrounded by the clustered, small, white houses with colourful rooftops that are hanging on the cliff top, along with the calm deep blue Aegean Sea. It is simply picturesque.

Fira, Santorini  Photographer: http://www.Flickr.com/Creative Commons/Del T

You will surely have the taste of cultural authenticity in Fira; as you can explore the rich history that this Aegean island has, and the incredible night life that the local Greeks have to offer. Spend your day by visiting the ancient monasteries and The Archaeological Museum which features Minoan artefacts. Watch the capital of Santorini light up at night, as the pristine white washed buildings are buzzing with a lively atmosphere.

Imerovigli, Santorini    Photographer: http://www.Flickr.com/Creative Commons/Randy Connolly

If you’re in the mood for romance, then Imerovigli has the perfect setting. This village is known to have the most breath taking sunsets, which is why they call them the ‘balcony to the Aegean’. Imerovigli has the iconic white little buildings, with the sapphire blue rooftops and the narrow stone pathways that can lead you to hidden gem spots.

Port in Thirasia, Santorini   Photographer: http://www.Flickr.com/Creative Commons/Tom Doel

Visit the small volcanic island Thirasia, which is within Santorini. The village has the classic theme colour of blue and white washed out buildings, and is located on top of the umber coloured volcanic cliff top. Below are small fishermen boats floating on the crystal clear aqua waters, along with the port with taverna’s and cafes.

Discover the rest of Thirasia by sailing around the island. Rent out a boat and live like a local for the day. Take a dip in the cool sea and absorb the golden sun on their volcanic pebbled beaches. As the sun sets, enjoy the local delicacy of fresh seafood and delicious Greek Mezze from the local taverna’s nearby. Or why not enjoy an ice cold Frappe as you admire the view?

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