Things to do in Seattle

Seattle is a beautiful bustling city that is filled with history and surrounded by picturesque views of mountains, forests and water.

Space Needle in Seattle      Photographer: Commons/Michael B

Start your journey by visiting the city’s landmark; the Space Needle. It is a legacy of the 1962 World’s Fair and is 184 metres tall. Admire the city with a 360 degree view, whilst you soak up the sun on the observation deck that stands 520 feet tall. The lift ride up there is 41 seconds long, revealing nothing but a smaller city and the vibrant colours of green and blue. Make dinner reservations at their exclusive SkyCity restaurant. They have successfully embraced the culinary cuisine, which can be enjoyed with a rotating panoramic view of the city lit up at night.

Pike Place Market  Photographer: Commons/Michael Rigi

Live like a local for the day and shop at the Pike Place Market. This public market is one of the oldest that is operating in the U.S and has been open since 1907. As you walk by, you will find the market overlooking the Elliot Bay waterfront. Not only is the market surrounded by preserved historic buildings, but it has a strong community of local farmers, artisans, craftspeople and small businesses that create a vibrant atmosphere to be in.

Carry on your day trip and visit the 8 acre long Myrtle Edwards Park, which also overlooks Elliot Bay waterfront. Seattle has many parks that provide stunning views of the city. Kerry Park is one of them, as you can see the skyline of the city just from sitting on a bench, which is ideal for those who cannot face the challenge of being at the top of the Space Needle.

Skyline view from Kerry Park  Photographer: Commons/Joe Wolf

If you want to get away from the city life, then Tillicum Village is the perfect hidden gem for you. Just off the shore of Seattle is Blake Island, which is where you need to be if you want to get in touch with nature. Explore this tribal themed village in the day by following the little trails around this island, which is surrounded by greenery and a beach. Let the employees be the host for the evening, as they always have something exciting planned. Enjoy a different style of dining, as you can watch your fresh fish being cooked on cedar stakes over an alder wood, which is a traditional style that is cooked by the Northwest Coastal Natives. Let your night unravel, as the natives will put on a show that includes a dancing performance that incorporates stories and traditional songs that are sung by the performers. It is truly an opportunity to learn and embrace their culture.


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