Hot pick: Gourmet burger kitchen

These hand crafted burgers are oozing with flavours.

Gourmet burger kitchen   photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Gourmet burger kitchen is a successful brand that has slowly spread all over the UK. They truly do stand out from the trend of different quirky burger joints that try to master the uniqueness of the flavours and ingredients in order to come up with the perfect burger.

The décor of the restaurant is very modern yet simple, with an airy and relaxing ambience. They have achieved in creating a British vintage theme, which is what represents Gourmet burger kitchen as a whole.

Their menu is ideal for everyone, as they offer a variety of fresh vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. Be daring and try their ultimate spicy Caerphilly Dragon; you will be in for a challenge. If you’ve got a big appetite, then go ahead and order yourself The Mighty burger. Fancy something light? Then try the Habanero  burger; the mozzarella, habanero jam, green goddess sauce and the salad that all compliment the prime beef patty which is perfectly placed in between a brioche bun.

However, nothing beats their traditional and popular Kiwiburger. This little delight has been a trademark of theirs since 2001; not only is it a heavenly treat, but it is an opportunity to try ingredients that you never thought would pair so well. In this burger you will find beetroot, fried egg, pineapple, mature Cheddar, their house mayonnaise, along with relish and salad.

Gourmet burger kitchen are also famous for their crazy shakes. Ever thought that Jagermeister would be a compliment to your vanilla milkshake? Or have a bit of tang to it and try their lime shake.

Gourmet burger kitchen have seamlessly created delicious little goodies with an eccentric pop. Find your closest GBK burger joint here.

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