Top 5 beaches to visit in Cyprus

Cyprus is known for its beautiful beaches; as each have a character of their own. Whether it’s a beach with golden sand and crystal blue waters or one with greenery, they will never fail to disappoint you.

Fig Tree Bay beach, Protaras   photographer: commons/CTO Zurich

Fig Tree Bay beach, Protaras

This beach is one of the biggest hotspots in Cyprus in the summer. Fig Tree Bay offers everything; soft, gold sand, a clear and calm turquoise sea for you to enjoy water activities or swim in and of course the Mediterranean sun for you to get that bronze sun kissed summer tan.

Selina Beach, Protaras  Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

Selina Beach, Protaras

If you’re looking for a sense of tranquillity, then head over to this hidden gem. This beach is close by Fig Tree Bay beach, but it is in a secluded area. It is a perfect spot for relaxation. The waters are so clear that it is ideal for snorkelling or even a night swim, as it is a beautiful spot to see the full moon that is laid in a blanket of stars. Selina beach is surrounded by greenery and its rocky bay, however there is soft sand too. There is also a little outdoor bar on this beach that hosts Cuban themed nights with live music.

Mackenzie beach, Larnaca     Photographer: Commons/Sergey  Galyonkin

Mackenzie beach, Larnaca

Mackenzie beach has always been a family friendly beach in Larnaca. It is popular amongst the locals, however recently it has become a new trendsetting beach for the younger crowd too. With many outdoor bars alongside the beach, don’t be surprised if you see fashionistas sipping on cocktails, eating platters of sushi and bopping their heads to the latest house hits. However, there is also a high contrast of the locals sitting there with their Frappe and a traditional board game called Tavli. So whether you fancy a cocktail or a Frappe and you’re in the mood for a little live lounge music whilst sunbathing, then Mackenzie beach is calling your name.

Konnos Bay Beach, Protaras    Photographer: Commons/CTO Zurich

Konnos Bay Beach, Protaras

This beach is picturesque and perfect for some adventure. Explore the little caves around Cape Greco which is nearby, or embark on a nature trail walk as this beach is also surrounded by greenery and has a national forest park. The water  is so clear that you can actually see starfish and other little fish that would follow you as you stand in the sea. If you want to explore the beach more, then rent out a boat for the day and enjoy the water activities Konnos Bay Beach has to offer.

Nissi beach, Agia Napa   Photographer: commons/Thulborn-Chapman

Nissi beach, Agia Napa

This is another popular hotspot in Cyprus. It is family friendly and ideal for a younger crowd. This beach is loved by both tourists and locals for its white soft sand, clear waters, and other stunning coves that are scattered around this beach. There are always different events and activities on this beach or nearby, as it is located in Agia Napa- which is known to be the party side of Cyprus.

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