It’s time to leave winter behind and enjoy the sun in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is a beautiful country and has one of the most well known cities in the world; Rio de Janeiro. From exotic beaches to traditional festivals, this city has a lot to offer.

Rio de Janeiro                                                                                              Photographer: John Skodak/Flickr/Creative Commons

The perfect time to visit this fantastic city is at the beginning of February as it is the time when the traditional Rio Carnival begins. The city will be lit up by bright and bold colours, as everyone will be on the streets alongside the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches in their costumes dancing to live music.

Rio Carnival is packed with lots of entertaining festivities such as an opening ceremony of the Carnival King being crowned by the city’s mayor and will receive the city’s keys, a parade of Samba Schools in the first league, street band competitions and the Magic ball which is held at the Copacabana palace hotel. Make sure you grab yourself a costume and join in with the fun.

Rio carnival                                                                                                  Photographer: nateClicks/Flickr/Creative Commons

Why not sunbathe and relax on one of the most famous balneario beaches in the world; Copacabana. This Latin American seaside resort town is endless as it is 4km long, making it a popular hotspot. Just picture yourself being surrounded by nothing but a crystal clear turquoise sea, white, soft sand, live Latin music and outdoor bars and cafes where you can enjoy the Brazilian cuisine.

Copacabana beach                                                                                     Photographer: Brett Davis/Flickr/Creative Commons

There is an ideal spot where you can see all of the city at once; Sugarloaf mountain. This tall mountain was named after a traditional concentrated refined loaf sugar, as the shape resembles to it. A ride on their cableway that is linked to the mountain is worthwhile, as a stunning panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro can be seen. This spot is perfect to watch the city come alive in the night or bustling during the day.

View from Sugarloaf mountain at night   Photographer: Christian Haugen/Flickr/Creative Commons

It is must to see Christ the Redeemer when you visit Rio de Janeiro. This Art Deco statue of Jesus Christ is an cultural iconic figure for not only Brazil, but it is also known for its significance worldwide. Make the most of the journey when you see this statue that overlooks the city, by exploring Tijuca Forest and climbing up Corcovado mountain.

Christ the Redeemer     Photographer: Rob/Flickr/Creative Commons

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