Enjoy the winter sun in Miami

This lively city is famously known for their Art Deco architecture, wild night life, artistic, young crowd and of course, their beautiful beaches.

Art Deco architecture  Photographer: Flickr.com/Creative Commons/Dave

Enjoy the winter sun by hitting up South beach. Make reservations for brunch at the fabulous and modern outdoor shopping centre, Lincoln Road Mall. You’ll have so many cool cafes and glamorous restaurants to choose from, as this outdoor shopping centre is endless.

You’re bound to run into a celebrity in your favourite fashion boutique or at the Art Basel Miami Beach art fair that is currently running at this trendy hot spot. However, Lincoln Road Mall has a great significant and historical attraction that everyone must visit; The Colony Theatre. It has been restored since the 1935 era, still maintaining the vintage Art Deco architecture. You will experience a truly entertaining night in this theatre, as they still host music, dance and theatre events.

Colony Theatre  Photographer: Flickr.com/Creative Commons/Phillip Pesar

Miami is obviously known for their beautiful beaches, the models roller skating and looking perfect at the same time, the tanned celebrities and locals sun bathing in South Florida’s heat, their golden white sand and turquoise sea, but those are nothing compared to a true beauty of Miami; Key Biscayne.

If you travel to the island town Key Biscayne, which is located between South Miami Beach and East Miami, you will find your goldmine, as the beaches are the real treasures. The ‘key’ to this treasure is to promise yourself that nothing or no one will disturb you from the tranquillity and seclusion that these beaches can give you. You’ll be surrounded by nothing but tall palm trees, white sand, the calm sea and a beautiful sunset, along with a pretty orange and blue sky. It is blissful.

Key Biscayne Beach  Photographer: Flickr.com/Creative Commons/Ines Hegedus-Garcia

This city has a strong South American influence, which is why the night life is so wild and their cuisine is damn delicious. Forget the knowledge you have about their cuisine from when you’ve tried dishes at your local restaurant. Instead try a real, true dining experience of the South American cuisine in the heart of Miami.

Miami is known for their modern and eccentric art scene, which is why many restaurants and chefs have incorporated  this sense of style into their scene.  After all, who doesn’t like art and food? They’re both two things that the locals in Miami are certainly passionate about.

CVI.CHE 105 Down Town is a prime example of a trendy, cool and popular food spot in Miami. Don’t be surprised if it’s hard for you to reserve a table there. However, it is worthwhile to make a visit, especially if you want a taste of the Peruvian cuisine. 

Nightlife in South Beach Miami  Photographer: Flickr.com/Creative Commons/Wyn Van Devanter

Now that you’ve relaxed, shopped, wine and dined, it’s time for you to really live it up in Miami. The cocktails are waiting for you on a dimly lit table at an outdoor rooftop bar, so you could begin your night. Whether you want to go salsa dancing, to an exclusive luxurious club or to a rave with the top DJs from around the world, you definitely know that you won’t be going home till the early morning. In fact, you will probably stop by a sandwich stand or cafe to enjoy a delicious Cuban sandwich before you reach your hotel room.

Wherever you go in South Beach at night, the roads will be packed with ‘night owls’ ready to party or lining up to attend the hottest event in town. Don’t worry about your hangover the next morning, because you’ll have the beach to sort you out. That’s Miami baby.

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