Top 5 Greek islands to visit

Whether you’re looking for a holiday to party, relax, explore the culture or have a thrilling adventure, these top 5 Greek islands are the perfect places to visit.

Mykonos bay Photographer: Raging Wire/Creative Commons/Flickr
Photographer: Raging Wire/Creative Commons/Flickr


Mykonos is a very popular island to visit for many different reasons. It’s main attraction is the beautiful white Cycladic architecture, as they have cute little vibrant coloured houses built on the hill tops of the island, along with their infamous windmills and their stone-paved pathways. Mykonos has a quiet family side where you can sit back, unwind and relax as you embrace the Greek culinary culture and gracious hospitality that they provide.

However, on the other side of the island, you are bound to experience their glamorous party lifestyle which is no surprise why it is a hot spot for celebrities such as Lionel Richie, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lindsay Lohan and many others. With exclusive, trendy beach bars, clubs and the incredible night life, Mykonos is the perfect island to splurge your cash whilst sunbathing in the Mediterranean sun and then participating in water sports activities in the Aegean sea.  Why not begin your night by accompanying your alcoholic beverage with a variety of delicious mezes that the Greek cuisine has to offer. Once you have wined and dined, get yourself ready for the biggest and hottest parties that Mykonos has to offer.

Santorini Photographer: furrymammals/Creative Commons/Flickr
Photographer: furrymammals/Creative Commons/Flickr


The spectacular and majestic island was originally a volcano erupted, which is why it has the form of a rocky landscape, along with high cliff tops that numerous villages have been built on. Santorini also has the typical Cycladic architecture, as it has kept to the patriotic colours of the Greek flag; blue and white. This island is perfect for a tranquil holiday. You can spend your time luxuriously here as well as having the opportunity to experience their culture and cuisine. Santorini has a phenomenal scenery, as you are surrounded by nothing but the Aegean sea and other clustered islands. So make sure you stay on the beach until sunset, or wake up early and simply just walk onto your balcony to witness a magical sunrise.

Crete Photographer: Jack Cousin/ Creative Commons/Flickr
Photographer: Jack Cousin/Creative Commons/Flickr


Crete is the largest Greek island and is also known for being the birthplace of the Greek God Zeus. If you want an adventure packed holiday, Crete is the perfect island to venture to. With Greek mythological tales, sandy beaches, mysterious caves and tall mountains; you are bound to discover ancient treasures and hidden gems. Take a cool dip in their turquoise waters under the golden sun, or a night swim under the clear dark sky. Make sure you find a perfect spot to admire the bright blanket of stars in the night sky. Crete is filled with scenic beauty, from green olive trees covering the hill tops, to a panoramic surrounding view from the tall cliff tops.

Antipaxos Photographer: Fabio/Creative Commons/Flickr
Photographer: Fabio/Creative Commons/Flickr


This tiny Ionian island that is one mile away from South Paxos only has a population of 30 people. However, it is loved by many tourists because it is known for its picturesque sandy beaches and crystal clear, bright blue sea. Antipaxos is the perfect getaway island that is filled with fun based activities; from snorkelling to wine tasting, as the island is known for their vineyards and they use their wine locally for their tavernas and shops. When staying on this island, you’ll truly be able to experience living like a local.

Symi Photographer: davidjonesuk/Creative Commons/Flickr
Photographer: davidjonesuk/Creative Commons/Flickr


Symi is a perfect island to go to if you want to take a break. It holds a lot of significant history and mythology, as well as scenic surroundings. The buildings are built on the mountains and have both an ‘old’ and ‘new’ town. Discover the island by participating in one of the ‘nature walks’ that the locals provides to the tourists. It is a great opportunity to capture the traditional picturesque island, as you walk through their nature trails and are able to view the surroundings of Symi from the top of the mountains. Enjoy fresh seafood with the view of the harbour or take an early morning swim where their hidden caves are on their secluded beaches.

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