Recipe Of The Day: Ooey Gooey Brownies

Brownies Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades


185g unsalted butter in diced cubes

185g dark chocolate

85g plain flour

40g cocoa powder

100g milk chocolate

3 large eggs

275 caster sugar

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 20 – 25 minutes

Serves: 12-14


Step.1: Melt the butter with the dark chocolate in a heat proof bowl over a saucepan with simmering water. Make sure the saucepan is on a low heat. Keep stirring until the chocolate is melted with the butter. Once it is melted, let it cool at room temperature.

Step. 2: Sieve the plain flour and cocoa powder together in a bowl. Cut the milk chocolate into small chunks on a chopping board.

Step. 3: Meanwhile, set the temperature of the oven to 180 degrees/gas mark 4. Use a shallow baking tin and line it with baking parchment.

Step. 4: Crack the three eggs and pour in the sugar in a separate bowl. Whisk the eggs and sugar with an electric mixer, until it is creamed together. The mixture should look pale and smooth.

Step. 5: Pour the cooled chocolate mixture into the eggs and sugar mixture and fold the mixtures together. It should form into a pale brown colour. You must be gentle and slow.

Step. 6: Sieve the flour and cocoa mixture on top of the pale brown mixture. Gently fold the flour and cocoa into the mixture, until it looks like a fudgy mixture. Be patient with this. Add in the milk chocolate chunks and continue slowly mixing.

Step. 7: Pour the mixture into the baking tin and smooth over the top with a spatula. Put your timer on for 25-30 minutes. You should know that it is ready if the brownie doesn’t wobble in the centre. Once it is ready, leave it to cool.

Tip: Once it is cooled to the right temperature, cut the brownie into small squares or triangles. Serve it up with a scoop of ice cream and some fresh raspberries. Bon apetite!

Brownies Photographer: Adrianna Anastasiades

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